TitanessBorn: San Jose, California on Feb 2, 1950
B.A. Art, University of Dallas, Dallas,TX.1972
M.A. Art, University of Dallas, Dallas,TX. 1973

Has exhibited widely, including one man shows at:
The Tramell Crow Pavillions, Dallas, TX. 1997 and 1993
The Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX. 1990
Elipante, Cottonwood, Arizona 1987
Leslie Collins Gallery, Dallas , TX 1974

Has well over 300 works in collections around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan

(on Michael Osbaldeston's colossal sculpture of a woman)

When the hills rose from the sea,
And the stars danced in the dawn,
When time sprang from eternity,
The titaness was born.

Her eyes became the verb to see;
Her ear was the angel's horn;
Her nostrils taught the flowers to be,
Her tongue the green sweet corn.

What after gods would hold in scorn,
Grown from materiality,
Still calls us back to that first dawn
When there was only she.

Frederick Turner
Copyright © 2002 Michael Osbaldeston
All rights reserved.